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Take the guesswork out of your puppy training

Puppy Potty Schedule

A schedule for toilet training, feeding, socialization, crate training, and sleeping will make your life much easier in the long run with your new pup!

The easiest times to remember to train your puppy are usually:

⏰First thing in the morning

⏰After their mid-morning nap

⏰Mid day

⏰After their afternoon nap

⏰Dinner time

⏰Before bedtime

Some Training tips:

🐶Start the routine from day 1

🐶Keep each training session short

🐶Puppy training relies on repetition and consistency

🐶Each experience should be a positive one

🐶Reward the behaviors you like

🐶Be generous with reinforcement

🐶Use management to prevent unwanted behaviors

🐶Go at your pups pace

Your puppy may grow quickly in size, but they’re still very new the world we live in. Don't expect too much from them too soon, go slow and enjoy puppyhood.

Happy Training



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